Why You May Have a High Sewer and Water Bill

Sometimes it’s easy to take indoor plumbing for granted. With access to running water, you can wash the dishes and flush the toilet without giving it too much thought. However, every gallon that goes down the drain is charged as wastewater and can add up quickly. When your sewer and water bill comes, you may be shocked at the high expense. If you feel like your sewer bill is steadily rising, you should stop to consider the ways you may be literally throwing water down the drain. 

Using an Old Washing Machine

Repairing deflected pipes and cleaning the drainage line are all expected expenses at some point when you have a sewer system, but you may not realize how much running your old washing machine every day is costing you. If you don’t have a high-efficiency machine, you may be using around 45 gallons of water per load. If you do a daily load of laundry, you’ll use 315 gallons of water per week.

Even running a high-efficiency washing machine can use between 105 and 210 gallons. To save money on your sewer and water bill, consider your laundry habits and ways for you to cut down on how often you use the washing machine. For example, instead of washing your bath towels after each use, perhaps you can wash them after every other use. 

Taking Long Showers

Standing under a hot stream of water feels wonderful, but you can easily lose your sense of time as you relax in the shower. Set an alarm for 5 minutes to help you stay on track and reduce your sewer and water bill. 

Also, some people have a habit of turning on the shower and walking away while it comes up to temperature, which can waste dozens of gallons of water. Instead of leaving the bathroom, disrobe and stay by the shower, keeping your hand under the showerhead at all times. This way, you’ll be ready to jump in the shower when the water is at the perfect temperature. 

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