Why Is It Important to Buy Proper iPhone USB Charging Cables?

The evolution of the iPhone and iPad has become the evolution of the charging cables. This means that iPhone and iPad owners have to update their charging cables because their new generation iOS-running devices are endowed with a smaller Lightning port.

The new connector only features 8 pins and is more compact than the older 30 pin connector. This new connector can be put into the device facing up or down because it is non-directional. An additional perk of the new charging cable is its increased durability and quality as it is a more solid connecting piece than the previous Micro-USB cable. In any case, iPhone and iPad users have to update their connecting cords in order to connect to computers or charge their devices.

One charging cable often accompanies the new device but this single cord is very rarely adequate on its own. Cables are often lost in transport or may be forgotten between locations. In order to have access to charging your phone in multiple locations it’s important to have multiple sets of connecting cables.

With multiple charging cables you are able to charge your devices at home, at the office, or even at a hotel. You’ll never fear a dead battery when you’re equipped with several charging cords.

TVC Mall offers a large inventory of Lightening charging cables  which are compatible with the new iPhone and iPad. In addition to being functional, they come in several colors so that you can accessorize and match your iPhone’s color scheme.

These charging cables are also so inexpensive that you won’t even notice if you leave one in your hotel room. Marked well below retail value at stores, these cables are certified as high-quality products that meet Apple standards.

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