What To Do After a Tornado

Tornadoes can wreak havoc on entire towns in just a few minutes, so it’s no wonder that they often do extensive damage to people’s homes. If your home or business fell victim to a tornado, there are several steps you should take to get things back up and running safely.

Assess the Damage

As soon as it’s safe to do so, step outside and assess the damage done to your home, business, or any other outbuildings or property that you have. Look for uprooted fences, damaged vehicles, broken windows and doors, downed walls, or torn-off roofing. Create a list of all the damage that you find and take as many pictures as possible to document it.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

The sooner you call your insurance agent, the better. You’ll need to have your policy number handy and provide a basic description of the damage that you found. Your agent will send out a claims adjuster who will take his or her own photographs of the damage as well. Avoid doing any clean-up until after you meet with the claims adjuster. When you do begin the cleanup process, keep your receipts to further help your insurance claim.

Get in Touch With Service Professionals

Chances are that you can’t perform your own contracting work to rebuild walls, install new doors and windows, and perform roofing service Bloomsburg PA. It might even be a good time to put in some solar panels if you need to rebuild your roof anyway. As soon as you can, get in touch with the right contractors to help you rebuild your home or business and get in back in safe operational order. 

There is nothing quite as scary as falling victim to a tornado, but it does not need to mean the end of your beloved home or business. Finding the right contractors could even mean making improvements along the way.

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