Wedding Cakes and Weddings

I will never forget the wedding day of one of my best friends Annie. We have been friends for a long time now, and when I heard that she was planning to get married, I knew that this day was going to be very special for the both of us.

I will also never forget the moment I saw their wedding cake for the very first time. The cake was very similar to Wedding Cakes for London like the one you can see on the picture. When I entered the kitchen in which the cake was being stored, I became breathless for a short while. I took a glance at the cake, and it looked like an Egyptian pyramid only made from cake material. This was the first time I ever so something so impressive. Even thinking about it right now already brings some very fond memories.

Now, let me talk about the taste of the cake for a while. When I took the first bite, it immediately started melting inside my mouth. It just tasted heavenly. Annie did a great job not only choosing cake that looked good, but also left nothing to be desired when it comes to its taste. This will be another thing I will never forget.

After the wedding, there was some cake left that wasn’t eaten by the guest. I remembering helping Annie clean a bit after the event. A few other close friends were with us. We had the honour of getting a few small portions of the cake to take home with us. I froze it after getting back home from the wedding reception, and because of this I was able to enjoy its taste for a few months after the ceremony. Every time I defrosted a small portion, I remembered this very special day for me and for my close friend Annie.

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