Water heater installation

With many appliances in your home, you have a pretty good idea when it is going to fail. Either you can see a gradual decline in the quality of its operation or you have had it for a long time and no it’s time has almost come. This isn’t necessarily true with water heaters because most homeowners have almost no knowledge or experience with water heaters.

You don’t want your water heater to go out. You probably don’t realize how many different things it is responsible for in the house until it isn’t working. The old saying “you don’t know what you have until you lose it” really applies to this situation. If you want to avoid this situation, here are some signs that you need to look into having your water heater replaced.

1. Rust – Does your water have a rusty tint or slightly rusty taste to it? If so, it is probably a sign that your water heater needs to be fixed or replaced. There are a ton of great companies for water heater installation Gloucester VA has to offer like Comfortable Climate Heating & Air Conditioning. If the problem continues no matter how long you run the water, it is almost assuredly a water heater issue.

2. It’s Leaking – Take a look at your water heater from time to time because it may start to leak without you noticing. A leaky heater obviously needs to be replaced as soon as possible. This is something you want to notice as soon as possible to avoid sustaining further water damage in your basement.

3. Age – Like everything else in life, water heaters have a lifespan. If you don’t know when your water heater was installed, there is a way you can check using the serial number, The date it was manufactured is usually coded into the serial number in some way. Typically, a water heater should be replaced after ten years of service, with some higher quality ones lasting a little bit longer than that. This is, of course, providing that you get regular maintenance and check-ups done on it.

Following these three rules should ensure that you have a working water heater as long as you live in your house and a water heater issues are definitely something that you want to prevent rather than fix. Repairs are much cheaper than a full replacement. Contact your local HVAC company for more information if you feel you might be having problems with your water heater.

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