Washington DC

Traveling across the United States and around the world has become my hobby quite a long time ago, when I was still a child. My parents are avid travelers and adventurers too, which in turn made me enthusiastic about it. I am also a huge history lover and it is historical cities, rather than sea resorts, that attract my attention. From those precious moments in my life I will never forget my visit to Washington DC. It was the most memorable experience I had in my life. Among things to do in Washington DC, sightseeing might be the best option. There are so many places of interest there that you will be busy for a long time. Allow me to mention here places like the Lincoln Memorial, the National World War II Memorial, or the Albert Einstein Memorial. I do not think that you will find another place in the US which is so full with historical data. There are many companies that are doing a good job by organizing sightseeing tours in Washington DC and providing us with online travel guides. If you do not want to go to Washington DC, you can always choose another city like, for example, Los Angeles and learn what are things to do in Los Angeles.

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