Unique gifts for the foodie in your life

When it comes to birthdays and Christmas the search for unique gifts for your loved ones can drive you crazy, but you want to show your love for them by finding something they’ll truly love rather than a singing reindeer and a pair of socks. These unique gifts show how well you truly know them and appreciate and understand their quirks and hobbies, and finding something that they’ll truly love and use is much more likely.

For the foodie (or garden enthusiast) one of the great unique gifts you can find is Plant ’n’ Grow seed packs, these great little packs come with a range of seeds with easy to grow instructions and recipes designed by the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine, an award winning cooking school, to use these delicious, organic home grown components to their best effect.

Organic food tastes better, it just does. Home cooked meals taste better, especially if the cook at home is a great chef, and home grown food tastes best of all. Allotment keepers and home vegetable gardeners don’t do it to save money, and they don’t just do it for the love of spending time in the garden, they know it really does make a difference in the flavour and quality of their food, and they love eating what they grow. Plant ‘n’ Grow are great unique gifts for both keen home gardeners, giving them more seeds to grow but also great ideas for how best to use their produce, and also for keen foodies as they allow them to find delicious recipes that they really want to try and experience the full flavour and quality that adding fresh home ingredients to your meals brings.

No matter what cuisine they love or what size of garden they have there is a Plant ‘n’ Grow pack to suit everyone. From delicious salads to stir fry vegetables, whatever they love there’s a kit to suit, and for the most adventurous cooks there are herb packs, and even edible flowers for those who love food to be both delicious and beautiful. Each Plant ‘n’ Grow pack has a clear description of the ease of growing, space needed and other requirements, so you can be confident that your recipient will be able to actually grow the seeds you give them and not discover that they need a full allotment when all they have is a window box.

Finding the right unique gifts for someone makes a world of difference, you can see it in the smile on their face when they open the gift, so taking the time to find something special that is perfect for them is worth every second spent, and is one of the best ways to say, without saying a word, how much you love them. No matter what they love, their perfect gift is out there somewhere, so don’t stop searching until you find it!

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