I have seen many turnstiles in my life. Even our local zoo has one. Last time I went there with the kids, the turnstiles were even one of the main attractions for the kids, this is how much they enjoyed going through them.

There are still many places out there that don’t for some reason have turnstiles from http://www.perco.com/. In my opinion, those places should get their turnstiles as soon as possible and recognize how convenient they can be.

What are some of the places that benefit from turnstiles the most? I can think of many places like that here and I would like to mention some of them such as company offices, stadiums, leisure and fitness facilities, university campuses, schools, shopping outlets or administrative buildings. What all those places have in common is that effective means for pedestrian flow control is needed in those places. Thanks to turnstiles, the flow control can happen right at the entrances.

Turnstiles are not the only means to ensure pedestrian flow control. Various railing systems as well as gates also fulfill this role nicely. All a person had to do is to recognize their need and choose something that is the most suitable for the job. The rest should be left in the hands of those who know how to install such systems.

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