Top Golf Cart Accessories

You can personalize your cart, add some energy efficient solar panels and ensure that your ride stands out from everyone else’s. Whether you use your Club Car when you’re camping or to drive around your private property, here are a few of the top accessories that you can use to make the ride more enjoyable.

Your average cart won’t come with lights, but they’re a must if you ever drive around at night. Lights are one of the top Club Car accessories because they make it easier to drive at night, and your cart will also be a little safer. Most people get the headlights so that they can see where they’re going after dark, but taillights are also smart if you tend to drive around in busy areas.

Lift Kits
Lift kits aren’t just for ATVs and tricked out cars. You can add a lift kit to your car to improve ground clearance. With the ability to add bigger tires, you’ll also smooth out the ride if you’re frequently on gravel roads or rough terrain. You’ll also make your cart look great, and it may be a little easier to get in and out of it.

Solar Power
Special solar chargers are available for the roof of your Club Car. Connect the panel to your batteries to give them a steady trickle charge throughout the day. You’ll spend less money on electricity to keep it running, and you just may find that your batteries last longer when they have a steady charge.

Versatile Seating
If your cart came with the front seats, then you may want to make a few changes to the rear section. A flip seat can be folded down for hauling gear, or you can put the back up to give your friends a ride. Conversion kits are available, so you don’t have to live with the seating configuration that your cart came with.

Protect your cart from the rain and even sun damage by investing in a special cover. The waterproof, UV blocking materials will cover your cart from top to bottom, so it will always be dry and ready to go when you are. Your upholstery will also last longer if you keep it covered when not in use.

Take your cart to a higher level by investing in a few accessories. Your new cart can be more enjoyable to drive, and even a little safer.

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