Top 3 Reasons To Use Accent Windows in the Home

When remodeling or constructing a home, window placement is a primary consideration. Windows add to the exterior and interior design of the house and create an interior luminosity that cannot compare with electrical lighting options. A dark and dank home interior can drastically change with the addition of one or more new windows. The windows you select might also include accent windows. Depending on your choice, they might be used as transom windows above a door or as sidelights flanking an entrance. Additionally, they often come in unique curved shapes or as popout windows used for kitchen gardening, giving a highlight to whichever surface they grace. Many homeowners realize three important reasons for using accent windows in their homes’ construction or remodeling.

1. To Increase Interior Light

Accent windows help to bring more light inside the home. For example, adding window light increases natural light within the dwelling, which relies on free solar energy, thereby giving you a bit of a break on your electricity costs.

2. To Increase Curb Appeal

Because most windows feature square or rectangular forms, accent windows draw the viewers’ focus due to their unique shapes. They can appear in round, oval or hexagonal forms. Placing one of them over a door or under an eve brings attention to that area in grand style, thereby improving your home’s curb appeal.

3. To Increase Interior Heat

Another reason for adding one or more accent windows to the home is the window’s ability to allow sunlight into the house. The sun provides a beautiful energy source that you can utilize for free if you place your accent and other windows in appropriate places to take advantage of the sun’s rays.

Accent windows provide the light and bright spots where your eye travels when looking at any home exterior. Furthermore, their unique shapes add the extra spark or even function as the home’s jewelry that the residence requires to help it feel right for you and your home design sense.

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