Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen is often a lot of work. Use these tips to prioritize your most important kitchen essentials during your remodel.


The countertops are often the first thing you see when you enter a kitchen. When choosing your new kitchen countertops, consider what type of material will not only look great but suit your lifestyle. If your home is prone to spills and accidents, you’ll want countertops that can handle the wear and tear. Beware of materials that are porous and prone to chipping. Instead of replacing your countertops with brand new material, you may consider restoring your current countertops instead. Marble refinishing Manhattan NY can remove watermarks, dullness, scratches, and etching from polished marble surfaces and leave them looking brand new.  


Install plenty of lighting to keep your kitchen bright and easy to cook in. Use under-cabinet lighting to highlight the countertops and backsplash while providing plenty of visibility for chopping and prepping food. Light up the rest of your kitchen and all open floor space with ambient ceiling lights controlled by a dimmer switch. A dimmer switch can help you control the intensity of the lights and set the mood for different occasions. Hang a decorative light fixture from the ceiling above an island or tabletop as a delicate accent piece.


Upgrade your appliances to new, eco-friendly alternatives. New appliances are not only more efficient but often equipped with special features. For example, your refrigerator may come with a crisper for vegetables and a rapid cool setting to ensure the optimal temperature is maintained when restocking. If you don’t have your own truck, consider having your new appliances delivered to your door. Some delivery services may even offer installation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Use these tips to help guide your remodel as you redesign and improve your entire kitchen.    

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