Tips for Decorating Your Toddler’s Room

There are so many fun ideas you can incorporate into your toddler’s room as they transition out of their nursery and into their own bedroom.

Toddler Bedding

Update the room to include a statement bed that fits the theme of the room. Purchase fun, trendy bedding that reflects your child’s personality. Let your toddler pick out a few decorative pillows or stuffed animals to match the bed. A toddler bed Schaumburg should be low to the ground so your child can safely climb in and out of the bed. The smaller cot mattress can help your toddler feel comfortable as they adjust to their new room. If you decide to move directly to a regular bed, make sure your child does not need any help getting in or out of the bed. Add guardrails for additional security while sleeping.

Reading Corner

Dedicate one corner of the room to a reading nook to encourage learning and cognitive development. Set up a tent or comfortable bean bag chairs for you and your child to sit and read together. Tents not only feel cozy and quiet but can inspire imaginative play. Add fairy lights to create a magical, starry effect and help with lighting. Keep a reading light nearby to avoid eye strain or headaches while you read. Decide how you want to store the books using bins or shelves. If you use a freestanding bookshelf, be sure to safely anchor it to the wall to prevent it from falling over. Include an assortment of picture books, board books, and puzzle books for your toddler to choose from.

Arts and Crafts

If you have the space, set aside an area for your child to explore their creative side through arts and crafts. Purchase a toddler-size table and a small easel for painting. Use chalkboard paint to turn any surface into an interactive canvas. Paint the top of a table or cover an entire wall with chalkboard paint for your child to enjoy. Keep all art supplies in another room and safely locked away, in case of any choking hazards.

Use these creative ideas to help transition your toddler from their nursery into their own bedroom.

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