Tips for Cleaning a Hoarder’s Home

Nobody ever expects to be a hoarder, and the problem can come about for a number of reasons from physical disabilities to mental health struggles. Unfortunately, homes stuffed full of items are often more likely to attract pests, mold, and other health hazards. If you’re helping someone clean out a hoarding situation, these tips can help you get through the process.

Rent a Dumpster

Chances are that much of the items you come across not only aren’t worth keeping but aren’t worth donating to charity, either. Many hoarder homes collect a lot of garbage along the way. Making multiple trips to the dump will tire you out quickly, but residential dumpster rentals Cincinnati can combat the problem. When you have a dumpster right on the property, throwing items away will be faster and easier.

Focus on One Room at a Time

Walking into a hoarder’s home can be overwhelming, and that feeling will only be amplified if you try to look at the house as a whole instead of focusing on one room at a time. The main room is usually the biggest room, the fullest room, and the room that the person needs most in his or her home. Tracking one room at a time will make it easier for you to see the progress you’ve made. After the main room is done, move to the next most important room, which is typically the kitchen or the bathroom. Save unused rooms, such as spare bedrooms, for last.

Bring All the Supplies You’ll Need

Create a list of supplies that you’ll need and bring them with you upon your first entry into the home. This will keep you from needing to slow down or pause progress to go to the store for supplies. In addition to basics, such as mops, buckets, and cleaning supplies, you’ll need plenty of large trash bags, boxes to hold donations, and a step ladder for those hard-to-reach areas. If the home is a health hazard, you’ll also want plenty of cleaning gloves and a cleaning mask to keep from inhaling mold and dust.

Above all else, be sure to enter the home with compassion, kindness, and patience. It is often hard for a hoarder to part with things, so expect there to be some negotiations when it comes to throwing away or donating certain things. Cleaning a hoarding home often takes days or even longer, so be sure to give yourself plenty of rest throughout the job as well. With the right supplies and the right focus, you’ll have your loved one’s home back to functional order before you know it.

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