Three Ways to Fix Your Busted Ray-Bans

Ray-Ban sunglasses are the epitome of cool. Whether it’s the thick black Wayfarers, vintage style eyeglasses, or sleek Aviators, they imbue the wearer with their concentrated amount of coolness. That is, unless they’re broken.
While the company does have a repair policy for their customers, there are many times when you might not be able to take advantage of it. For example, you might have done something to void the warranty, or perhaps you lost your receipt and can’t prove that they’re genuinely yours. Not to fret, though — you’ll just have to the repairs yourself.
Whether your frames are broken, or you need to replace sunglass lenses, or need to fix the screws, here are a few quick ways to fix your Ray-Bans!

Loose Frames?
In the event that you step or sit on your Ray-Bans and accidentally bend them, you can always reshape them. Place them in a bowl of warm water for three to five minutes, which will expand the plastic and make it more malleable. Then, just reshape them to the way they were and you’ll be golden.

Need to Replace Sunglass Lenses?
Many an optometrist and eyewear store sell replacement lenses for sunglasses of all makes and styles. While procuring the sunglass lenses replacement is relatively easy, the matter of replacing sunglass lenses is a little bit trickier. To replace sunglass lenses, following the same steps as above. Soak the glasses to make the frames more malleable, which will help you pop the old lenses out gently. Now, replace sunglass lenses by inserting them in the inside track, with the earpieces facing you. The last thing to do when you replace sunglass lenses is to make sure that they’re in there securely by pressing around the edge of the frame.

Lost a Screw?
You can replace a missing or lost screw in your Ray-Bans with a small piece of wire. All you have to do is push the earpiece back into place on the sunglasses and gently wiggle a small piece of the wire through the hole that the screw is supposed to go through. Through the opposite end, pull the wire and push it back through. Push the wire through the screw hole at least three times. Then use your pliers to twist the ends together.
Now, you’re ready for whatever may happen. You know how to reshape your frames, and how to replace sunglass lenses and screws.

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