Three Great Bright Colours to Wear for Spring 2015

After the more muted shades of winter, it is good to know that spring is just around the corner and we can soon start enjoying some happy, fresh brights in our wardrobes once again! Spring 2015 is all about colour, with bright, sunny shades being introduced everywhere, including in hair, eye make up and nails. If you are excited to start wearing brights, it is good to know which hues are going to be featured on dresses, shirts, skirts and pants for this season, so you know what to look for when you hit your favourite stores and dress boutiques online to start building your new season’s wardrobe. Here we take a look at three fantastic colours that are going to be big news this coming spring.

Photo by Maegan Tintari


The bold brights for spring 2015 are a sophisticated twist on classic neons, with the main colours sitting somewhere between two typical acid brights. Between bright blue and bright green you have gorgeous, tropical aquamarine, which is a fun colour to wear for casual or dressy occasions. Wear aquamarine in light cotton for daytime, or soft silks and satins for evening to get that shimmery, Pacific ocean effect. Aquamarine suits just about all skin tones, and also works well when contrasted with other bright, tropical colours like fuchsia.


Keeping with the theme of interesting, mixed brights, chartreuse is a shade that sits somewhere between neon yellow and lime green. This gives it the bold, bright look that is great for a vibrant spring wardrobe, while keeping things modern and on trend, rather than looking like a throw back to the 90’s rave days! Chartreuse looks beautiful on simple tunic style mini dresses, or can add a pop of cool colour to a casual outfit when worn on a t-shirt or tank top. You can also wear chartreuse accessories with more neutral shades of dress to get the look without having to sport a neon coloured outfit if that isn’t something you are comfortable with!


A third bright you will be seeing a lot of in spring of 2015’s fashion is coral.  While coral itself comes in all kinds of colours, the name here refers to a bright shade that is between a bright orange and a bold magenta pink. Coral can also be found in more subdued pastel shades, but since here we are talking about all things bright, consider it as a statement colour you can wear all day long! A loose, coral coloured maxi dress makes for a perfect day to night outfit, when worn with flats and a casual belt for daytime before being transformed with heels and statement jewellery for a night out.

If you love brights, then this spring is going to give you a wealth of great modern colours to choose from. Start shopping for your new spring favourites now, and before you know it, those warmer, brighter days will be here so you can start to rock your new bright style!

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