When preparing our house and turning it into a home, we try to find the best furniture and appliances to make it as comfortable and as pleasing to the senses as possible.  After all, we spend at least half of our time every day at home on average. The color and shape of the sofa is cross-checked against the motif and color of the room. The dining table must mesh well with the overall look of the kitchen. The drawers and cabinets must be able to maximize the space.

But when it comes to the bed mattress, aesthetics come second.  What is more important is how well it fits your body structure and body type.  There is no one-size-fits-all for mattresses because our bodies are all wired differently. In fact, there are even best mattress for heavy people that are structured specifically for overweight persons.

Do not let the cost of the mattress scare you away from trying it out.  Consider it as an investment for your overall health and well-being as there are many benefits to using the proper mattress.  We share some of the reasons why:

  1. It improves the quality of your sleep

The quality of the mattress you use, and your compatibility with it can make all the difference in the quality of your sleep. In a study conducted by a National Sleep Foundation, having a comfortable mattress was identified by 92% of respondents as a major factor in letting them sleep better.

This claim is supported by the American Sleep Association who says that the right choice of a mattress is one of the keys to having comfortable sleep.  Make sure as well that the mattress you are using is still within its life span, because a mattress that has exceeded its allowed use will not be able to provide you with ample back support.  This will lead to stiff muscles and joints the next morning and will affect you for the rest of the day, if not a few days.

Some neurologists and sleep specialists believe that personal preferences also play a major role in the type of mattress you should choose as it must also be aligned with your natural sleep posture.  The right mattress for you may be fit for another person.  This is why it is important that you get to try out the mattress first before buying it.

  1. It Helps Align Your Spine

You should have your weight spread evenly on a surface to ease the pressure on your back and spine. Having an improper weight distribution, on the other hand, would put all the strain on your spine, making it unable to relax even when you are at rest.  After some time, this will eventually lead to chronic troubles such as back pain, shoulder and neck numbness, or posture problems.

For most adults, it is recommended to sleep on your back because this posture ensures that your body weight is spread evenly across the mattress, thus your whole body is aligned while you sleep.  A good mattress should not be too soft or too hard for you so it can evenly spread your weight and support the natural curve of your spine. It will also make sure that your acupuncture points are free and relaxed.  A mattress that is too soft, on the other hand, would bend too sharply on the waist area, thus making your shoulders and hips tense up to support the curve of your body.

  1. It Can Help You Relax and De-Stress

In a study conducted with about 60 men and women to test their reaction to mattresses, it was discovered that sleeping on a new mattress with average firmness had helped improve their emotional and psychological conditions. The study compared their reactions when sleeping for 28 days on their old mattress versus 28 days in the new mattress.

The respondents claimed that they experienced better sleep, less headaches, and less worry and anxiety after sleeping on a new mattress, which was attributed to being able to sleep more deeply and having no muscle pain due to a correct sleeping posture.

  1. It Will Improve Your Overall Health and Well-Being

Not having enough quality sleeping hours and being constantly on a high-stress level takes a toll on your body.  It can lead to many physical and mental health issues like mood swings, high blood pressure, weakened immunity, poor memory, weight gain, or diabetes. Considering these possibilities, the additional cost you may have to pay for good quality, the fitting mattress would seem to be more reasonable.

As using the right mattress improves the quality of your sleep and helps bring down your stress levels, your body also starts to heal and recover. You will start waking up feeling well-rested and refreshed, your mind becomes more alert, and you feel more energized as you go about your daily activities.

If you feel that you are not using the right kind of mattress for your body type, there is no need to panic.  You can ask the sales representatives in the store for the types of materials used in their mattresses and what each material is best known for. Most stores would also allow trials so you can get a feel of the actual material before buying the whole package. Recommendations from friends and families can also help point you in the right direction.





















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