Technology enabling true beauty in dresses

Let’s take a look at how to use technology to get that perfect, beautiful look!

If you are looking for beautiful women’s dresses then some of our all-time favourite basic styles are the Midi, Maxi, Skater and Peplum dresses. Of course there are so many different style of gorgeous dresses about that it would be impossible to list them all here but here we are taking about the effects of modern technology on the fashion industry and on women’s dresses in particular! This is something that we really do think will change the fashion industry forever and shortly you will see just why we believe that this is the case.

Dresses are, of course, in every modern ladies wardrobe, they are the world’s most versatile items of women’s clothing and can easily add some real style into your own personal fashion world.  But there is more, because right now, technology is about to change the dress forever.  Beautiful dresses are often associated with fun times such as weddings, cocktail parties and special occasions but that does not have to always be the case. Dresses can be worn for any occasion, whatever the weather!

Everyone can now be a dress designer. Print dresses yourself!

Whatever you like, whether it be long sleeves, cap sleeves, bell sleeves, dresses with collars and cuffs, spaghetti straps, halter necks or sleeveless styles, the choice of beautiful looking dresses nowadays is truly staggering.  Beautiful dresses can really add the wow factor to any woman’s wardrobe. It is now fast becoming possible to get your own dress printed, using a high tech 3D printer. It is also becoming possible to wear your favourite gadgets as they become more integrated into all our daily lives. Items such as mobile phones, watches and much more are now wearable, such is the pace of technological advance in fashion today.

Wearable technology and 3D printed beautiful dresses

Today, the range of tactile high-technology materials and fabulous fabrics which beautiful dresses are fashioned from are beyond compare historically. With the potential for gorgeous 3D printed dresses such as those highlighted recently by Dita Von Teese and others, this is a truly fast moving fashion trend. Wearable technology and the associated  inclusion of various gadgets into our fashion means more and more ladies can keep on trend.

Moving fashionably with the times
The next fashion look could be radically different in the very near future with the rapid adoption of these new emergent technologies into our clothing. We believe that 3D printing and wearable technology are going to explode into widespread use in women’s fashion next year. Fashion has always moved with the times and it would now appear that the times are starting to move with the fashion, more so than ever before in fact!

Technology driven change in fashion

You can wear beautiful dresses almost anywhere and, with lots of easy care and cutting edge technology fabrics available, they’re essential for summer, autumn, winter and spring fashion. Modern crease and stain resistant materials, which can be washed out and dry quickly, are just perfect either as summer holiday dresses or for mountain hiking on a cool autumn day.

Long sleeved, wool mix dresses are simply perfect when worn with warm boots, and your favourite jacket, on those chilly winter days or for those holiday evenings when the sea breeze picks up at the end of a perfect day.

Beautiful dresses for everyone

Dresses suit pretty well all women with their sometimes body hugging or otherwise flattering shapes. Cutting edge non-cling, wind-proof materials are a real boon and perfect for those curvier ladies on a cooler day, whilst those fashionably high waistlines and revealing necklines can make even the slimmest of girls look less beanpole and much curvy and feminine.

Beautiful dresses to bring out your inner diva
are also ideal for casual wear, when you simply feel like chilling out after a day filled with all those strenuous activities!

Whatever your own personal style, keep an eye on the latest upcoming dress trends this season and next, we think that the next great look is just around the corner and it is just a matter of time before it will be available to all and sundry!

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