Sports currently generate billions of dollars around the world. Everywhere you turn, there is another article about how the various leagues are thriving because of their enormous popularity. Because sports are so popular, it has also caused the industries of sports related products to rise in popularity. Basically, anything that is even remotely associated with professional sports is a gold mine. The past couple of decades have seen a dramatic rise in people buying sports collectibles. Many athletes are paid large amounts of money to attend collectibles shows and sign autographs on various items. There is no question that the sports collectibles industry has never been bigger than it is today. If you have a friend who is a sports fanatic, you may wonder what to get this person for his birthday or Christmas. There are many wonderful gift ideas to choose from. You can shop foam logo signs to find your friend’s favorite team. Here are some of the fun gifts for fans of sports collectibles.

1. Special sports cards

Rather than buy your friend some sports cards featuring his favorite athletes which he probably already owns, you should be a little more creative when buying a collectible gift. Buy him a complete set of sports cards from the year he was born. Obviously, this will be more expensive if the person is fairly old. However, it is a very original gift that he is unlikely to already own. He will also remember it for a long time.

2. Home decorations

You could also surprise your sports-loving friend by secretly decorating his house with merchandise of his favorite team. This can include pennants, posters, foam logo signs, action figures and a few pieces of autographed memorabilia thrown in for good measure. Basically, you can turn a room of his house into a man cave and a shrine to his favorite team.

3. Favorite sporting event

Does your friend have a favorite sporting event from the past, such as when his favorite team won a title? If this is the case, you could try to find anything relating to that sporting event. Perhaps you can get some actual tickets to the event or a complete video of it. There are various websites you can go to in order to find specialty items such as these. You may have to do some searching, but you are sure to find a perfect gift for your friend.

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