Some Great Options for an Alternative Personal Training Program

There are a number of ways to lose weight or gain muscle mass, without going to the gym to work up a sweat.  After all, not everyone wants to hit the gym five times a week, and there are a number of other training programs that are often just as good (and more fun).  Whether you are considering enrolling in an online personal training program, or joining a weight loss or fitness club like My Fitness Pal, consider giving one of the following a try.

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If you are looking for a training program that is intensive and undeniably designed for overall fitness, you may want to consider boxing.  A training program that incorporates boxing is primarily aimed at increasing upper body strength however you may also find that your endurance and stamina increases as well.  Many people choose to combine boxing with a cardio activity like Pilates into one plan so as to increase the body’s overall fitness level.  Boxing training programs won’t require you to fight but you will learn and use all of the typical moves that professional boxers would use in a ring.


Pilates is more often than not associated with women, however a training program that integrates this activity can be beneficial to people of both sexes.  Pilates combines strength training with cardio and incorporates a number of stretching and resistance exercises that are completed on a variety of different pieces of equipment.  Pilates helps to tone body parts and develop strength and the amount of calories burned during a session can lead to significant weight loss if performed regularly.

Martial Arts

There are a number of different martial arts that can be integrated into a training program and which you choose will be down to personal taste.  Some of the options you have are taekwondo, judo, aikido and even Muay Thai.  These are best accomplished with the help of a professional trainer who can guide you through the moves and ensure that you don’t cause yourself injury.  Martial Arts are ideal for a full body workout, they can increase stamina, strength and endurance and one session can burn off a lot of calories making them ideal for weight loss programs too.

Salsa Dancing

Salsa is an important part of Latin American culture, and is also a great way to work out and keep fit.  It not only helps to raise your heart rate, thus increasing your calorific burn, but it also helps to improve your posture, helping you to stand tall.  Every time you dance, you will be improving the strength of your muscles and bones, and you’ll also be improving your flexibility and agility.  You’ll also find that there are a lot of emotional benefits associated with salsa dancing; try and complete a workout without smiling – you won’t be able to!

If you hate the gym, don’t let anyone pressure you into going.  Give one of the above alternative workouts a try instead – each one is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

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