Signs You Need Roofing Services

You have likely worked hard to put a roof over your head and your family’s head. If you notice a leak or another issue with your roof, there’s no question you need to call for help. However, what if there are more subtle problems? Do you know when to call the professionals?

It is important to call for roofing Littleton CO services as soon as you notice a problem. Keep reading to learn what some of the most common roofing issues are; that way, you know when to make the call.  

Damaged Shingles

Cracked, warped, or broken shingles are some of the easiest roofing issues to find. While your shingles are uniquely designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather, you will eventually find that the wind, moisture, and heat can weaken your shingles as time passes. If you have a roof that is over 10 to 15 years old, the shingles are more likely to be damaged. Be sure to visually inspect your roof from the ground occasionally to see if there are any noticeable issues. If you see shingles that appear deformed or that are curling, it is a sign you need repairs.

Bowing Roof

Your roof is designed so that water rolls off of it. If you have a roof that has started to sag in specific areas, it is a sign there is an underlying issue. Usually, your roof will only sag if there is too much weight on the surface. In most cases, this occurs because of water buildup. In some situations, several repairs or too many layers of shingles can cause the roof to buckle and sag, too. If you begin to see dipping in your roof, be sure to call the professionals to assess the problem.

Water Damage

Your roof should not allow water to drip along the interior of your home. If your roof has suffered damage or if the shingles are old, water and moisture may get into your attic. During the spring and winter storms, or after a storm, make sure to check the attic for signs of water stains, mildew, or mold.

If you notice an issue with your home’s roof, you cannot wait to take action. The longer you wait, the more serious the problem is likely to become. Being informed and knowing when to call for service will help ensure more serious problems or issues do not occur.

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