Shopping Online for South African Groceries

We have all heard the saying “There is no place like home” but this saying is so true for South African living abroad also known as Saffas.  But depending on your personal circumstances or your preferences, you sometime just cannot be home. You still want to enjoy the small pleasures of home, specifically when it comes to drinking alcohol or eating food, and that is why Saffa-Trading – South African food store is so truly awesome for so many South African-expats living abroad.

Residing in an overseas country can sometimes get really difficult and tough and despite submerging yourself and adjusting yourself to your brand-new surroundings, you’ll constantly yearn for your country of birth. The things that folks miss out the most are the alcoholic beverages, food and every day products that they use to get when they were still living in their home country.

The solutions provided by Saffa-Trading – South Africa Grocery Store Online come in handy, satisfying the demand for a little piece of home. Remember that if you don’t find something on their comprehensive online supermarket, you can always contact them via e-mail and see if they are able to find that particular item you so desperately want.

You can expect the very best that the South African grocery market have on offer, from a business based in the heart of South Africa, Cape Town.  Saffa-Trading acquired its drive from its staff and directors, all of which have actually lived overseas for many years where they discovered how much they crave their beloved South African Brands. So Saffa Trading has come together and with a consolidated experience of over 10 years in the online-food industry, has made it possible to address those yearnings for others living abroad.

There is about 1.5 million Saffas living overseas legally, but it is estimated that there actually about 2.5 million living abroad. Saffa Trading – African food trading insures and guarantees delivery to any location in any part of the globe and they are forever waiting to hear from clients about new ideas on how to enhance their services and bring out new South African product options. So it does not matter where you reside at this moment, as long as you are in driving distance of a Post Office, they should be able to ship your products to you without any hassle.  They also provide a tracking number for all clients so that nothing will ever go missing.

Their internet site is loaded with all the info connected to their solutions that you might need or want to know. It also includes terms of service, shipping details and contact information if you want to contact them before placing your first order.  With this website you will be able to find all your favourite wines and other traditional food like boerewors and biltong. They also stock various condiments which you might never be able to find anywhere but in South Africa.

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