S Dress is a UK Fashion Brand That Offers The Very Best In Style and Practicality

Nowadays it isn’t enough for our clothes to just be stylish. They also need to be comfortable to wear, flattering to the figure, extremely practical and be able to stand the test of time. On top of all this, our clothes need to be good value, high quality and environmentally friendly. Is it possible to find all of this in just one dress?

S Dress

S Dress is a UK fashion brand that was started after the founder simply couldn’t find the dress she was looking for. She wanted a dress that combined all of these qualities, whilst also being versatile enough to be worn by anyone: the young businesswoman, the party girl, the mother and the older lady who still values style. She wanted to create a dress for every woman, no matter what her age, shape or size happens to be.

Slimming Effect

Each S Dress product is designed to create a slimming effect by holding the figure, without ever being too tight or uncomfortable. This means that customers can be sure that they are purchasing a dress that is always flattering to their figure.

Timeless Style

S Dress is a UK fashion brand that believes in timeless style. Rather than jumping on all the latest fashion trends that look great today but will look terribly dated this time next year, S Dress attire is classically stylish and is designed to look great today, whilst also being able to stand the test of time.


It’s no good a dress looking great but actually being extremely uncomfortable to wear. S Dress focuses on designing fashions that are as very bit as comfortable as they are stylish. The company calls this the ‘second skin sensation’ – a dress that is so comfortable that you almost forget it is there!


Practicality is also extremely important to the modern fashionista, so it’s good to know that S Dress fashions are designed to be machine washable and require no ironing. This means that you can keep your clothes looking great without any hassle or fuss. Simply take them straight from the washing machine and hang them to dry. In addition, the fabrics are creaseless, making them ideal for popping into your suitcase to take away on your travels.

High Quality

The company places a high emphasis on quality. It produces high quality dresses that are made in Croatia and use Italian fabric, meaning that you can be sure that an S Dress piece is going to last for many years to come and is worth absolutely every penny.

Considerate to the Environment

S Dress is a UK fashion brand that takes the environment very seriously. This stems through everything from the manufacturing process, right through to the final end product. S Dress clothing can be machine-washed and requires no ironing, meaning less electricity usage and no added harmful chemicals during the washing process.

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