Plan Your Vacation to Japan

Japan is a very interesting country to visit, but many people avoid traveling to Japan because they think that such a vacation would be very expensive. The truth is that there are many ways a person can save money. Traveling to Japan on a budget is not an impossible task and it is the easiest to accomplish when a traveler plans his vacation in advance.

-Make a hotel reservation on a hotel comparison website. You can save a lot of money this way and you might be able to book a hotel in a familiar hotel chain. Simply compare the rates in a specific destination.

-Not everyone knows about this, but the Japan Railways service offers a Japan Rail Pass that allows unlimited travel between Japanese cities. Such a pass has to be purchased in advance and that is why it is beneficial to plan your vacation ahead of time.

-Another way to save money is to be aware of the exchange rates. The exchange rates change all the time and it is important to know for any traveler how many US dollars a yen is worth. Currently, one US dollar is worth 89 Japanese yen. This makes a yen worth a little bit more than a penny.

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