Myths that revolve around Carpet Cleaning!

Carpets possess this incessant element of warmth and comfort that makes your house into a ‘home’. A lot of people do not realize how essential is a carpet cleaning to home décor and hygiene. It governs the health of you and your family up to a great extent. There exists a wide range of misconceptions around carpet cleaning, the way it should be done and how it works! Below are a few misconceptions preventing around carpet cleaning and we bring you the truths to the same!

Myth#1 – You should not clean your carpets too often and keep the intervals long!

Truth: The exact opposite to the above statement is the truth! Your carpets must be cleaned very often in order to keep your family members healthy. Clean carpets ensure that the air above them also stays clean and free from dust. Waiting for long intervals between two cleaning sessions can leave your carpet looking extremely dirty and old. This misconception about carpet cleaning has been around for a while and needs to be changed.

Myth#2 – Carpet cleaning is simple & you can do it yourself!

Truth: Carpet cleaning is not as simple as it sounds if you want it to be done the perfect way. People believe that the basic carpet cleaning they do with the use of chemical solutions is enough to get rid of the bacteria and allergy causing elements inside the carpet, which is clearly not the case. Sometimes it is essential to dire professionals to be able to get qualitative results. This is possible as only professionals would have the chemical solutions, bacteria repellants and cleaning equipment that are required for better carpet cleaning. Professionals are in the habit of doing the same and know how to tackle different kinds of stains. It is not only the right equipment that helps them do it right, but also the cleaning practice, allowing them to make effective use of the equipment. The fact that they are trained to do so, give them an edge over normal cleaning practices, which eventually helps to make the air in your homes much fresh, healthy and clean.

Myth#3 – Carpet cleaning must be done only for the purpose of removing dirt and improving its look!

Truth: The above is completely a myth and just not the case. The constant and gradual use of carpets without repetitive cleaning caused them to generate bacteria and elements that can transmit allergies. The primary reason for carpet cleaning is to get rid of them. Dirty carpets have been sometimes noted to cause health issues. This happens as carpets when exposed to outside air starts to accept pollens, chemicals, dirt, dust, bacteria, etc. causing unhealthy breathing eventually leading to severe health issues like skin or breathing problems. Carpet cleaning is not just for the purpose of dirt removal or the look of it, and thus must be done regularly to keep the air in your homes clean and your family healthy.

The above myths have been around for a while now and need to be corrected. It is essential to understand the importance of carpet cleaning and that quality cleaning can be facilitated by professional cleaners in Canberra, who assure you the clean and healthy air you need!

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