5 Tips for Exceptional Animal Photography

Would you like to know how to take better photos of animals? Always know that animals present unique challenges. You cannot communicate what you wish the animal to do. Instead, you have to be patient and work around the animal’s behavior. Let us look at five things that will empower you to take outstanding animal photos.

Cultivate a connection with the animal. Find out something about the animal that you wish to photograph. It is now your subject. Talk to the caretakers, if it is a wild animal, or the owners if it’s a pet. Sometimes, minor details that the animal responds to, such as temperament, can prove invaluable in capturing a good shot. Ensure you understand your safety around the animal.

Exercise patience. Animals do not follow our rules. They are happy to spend a lot of time doing boring things. It is impossible to predict what they might do next. Wait for the opportune moment to capture breathtaking shots. Most animals have sharp senses and can tell when you are anxious, stressed, and in a rush. It becomes contagious and reflects in your shots.

Practice and experiment a lot. Try different settings on your gear such as shutter, ISO, and flash. Experiment with positions and quickly determine your strong areas. Figure a way to capture movement early and safely. Some animals are sensitive to the slightest movement. Practice lets you know your boundaries around the animal. Where training is not possible, take as many shots as possible and sort through them later.

Choose good lighting. Your goal is to create a fully exposed and sharp image. Flash will disturb the animal especially when indoors. Explore options on your gear that improve the picture without using flash. Settings such as shutter speed and ISO have a direct impact on the quality of your photos. Make use of a camera tripod to stabilize your shots and avoid blur.

Capture the eyes. An animal is a living thing. It has character and power. A photo of the animal should reflect its character flawlessly. Just like us, animals use their eyes to express themselves. Tell the animal’s story through its eyes. Be ready to shoot quickly as the expressions change fast. Ensure you have a sharp and well-exposed eye shot.


It is possible to take adorable animal photos and have fun while doing it. Remember that your safety is more important than any picture. Additionally, approach animals slowly regardless of whether they are in their natural habitat or not. Your photos should illustrate the animal’s character quickly. The above tips guarantees you exceptional photos with minimal disturbance to the animal.

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