Is Your Playroom Ready To Handle Rough and Tumble? Try These 4 Things To Keep It Clean and Pristine

Messes vary by level. The traditional clutter occurs when people get busy and toss a few things here and there. Then, there is playroom chaos. In the frenzy of playing with so many cool toys, kids can get wrapped up in fun and forget that the room requires proper care and cleanup. By the end of a few hours, the room has the potential to look like a tornado hit it! To avoid utter craziness and ruined walls and floors, try doing the following four things.

1. Invest in Sturdy Organizers

Kids need organizers for several reasons. They require a place to pack up their things, and parents desire things that easily create tidiness without harming the room’s structure. You have goals with this decision. Children should be able to locate what they want without a fuss; parents should not see the insanity of thousands of little pieces; those annoying building pieces can rest somewhere other than the floor. Stepping on them hurts!

Cubes work exceptionally well for smaller items such as blocks, legos and action figures. They offer a location to return the toys, and it hides them from plain view. Keep in mind that your kiddos are prone to quick reflexes, and they may grab bins fiercely. Ensure that your cubicles have a durable structure and are secured to the wall to avoid tipping.

2. Consider a Few Lightweight Moveable Pieces 

While the cubes remain strapped to the wall, your art carts and easels may become moveable. Kids tend to use them in various locations throughout a room as they play make-believe such as school. The portability of them is nice, but dragging these items makes like difficult and scratches the floor. Consider adding polyurethane wheels, which do not scratch the floor and offer noise reduction.

3. Label Everything

Create a visual organization system for the playroom by labeling bins and cubes as much as possible. For those not old enough to read, you may use pictures or symbols. Consider adding the words as they begin to make the letter-sound connection. Early readers can use the picture-word combinations to assist in learning sight words.

4. Have a Cleanup Song

Many little ones learn a cleanup song in school. When playtime is over, the song reminds kids to put things back where they belong. For some reason, it just seems to work more efficiently than the traditional “Go pick up your toys.” Program something into your phone, and play it when your fun time is over. 

Avoid playroom mess by implementing some organizational measures. With the right toys, that room could stay clean.

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