Is Calera Satellite Internet Service Any Good?

I’ve received multiple inquiries from readers asking about the quality of high speed service offered by rural satellite internet provider Calera, so I will go ahead and publish some of my own thoughts regarding my experience with their internet service here.

I’ll be honest–I was a little skeptical when it turned out that Calera was offering the best deal on satellite internet service in my area. I was nervous because I had never gotten service from Calera before, though to be fair I had also never gotten internet from any of the providers operating in my area. Should I really sign a contract with an unknown ISP? Calera came out ahead when I compared their monthly prices, data limits (a sad reality in the world of satellite internet), and speeds to the other companies.

To be safe and make sure I wasn’t getting into anything unexpected, I grilled the customer service representative I talked to on the phone, making sure all the information I accumulated was correct. Everything checked out, so I went ahead and scheduled an installation date and had my service turned on. So what was their internet service like once everything was up and running?

My Review of Satellite Internet Provider Calera

When you’re used to high speed cable internet, it’s difficult to give Calera’s satellite internet service a fair review. It’s hard to distinguish whether I am reviewing Calera or just satellite service in general. Satellite internet is a completely different thing from high speed cable or DSL, so this kind of internet takes some getting used to if you’ve never had it before. Minding the data caps can be annoying, but you’re going to get that with any satellite internet provider. I will say that the customer service reps at Calera are much friendlier and more helpful than some of the folks I’ve talked to at big high speed providers! Overall I don’t regret signing a contract with rural interner provider Calera, though that’s not to say that I don’t wish cable internet was available in my area. Satellite internet is what it is.

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