How to Shop for a Top Money Clip

If you’ve decided it’s now time to get rid of the horrible bulky wallet and replace it, read on… Whether you’re buying for yourself or searching for a gift, our handy tips will help ensure that you choose a top money clip.

Work out what you need to carry
This might sound obvious, right? “I need my credit cards, store cards, business cards, ID, cash, etc.” If you really think about this the likelihood is that you’re carrying items round that you don’t even use. And what’s the point in carrying things you never use? Empty your wallet out on the table, make two piles: one for items you use on a daily/weekly basis, the other for items you hardly ever use. This will help you work out what capacity you need your money clip to have. You’ll immediately be able to eliminate money clips that are too big, as well as any that are too small.

If you do find that you still need to carry quite a few credit cards with you, it may be that a money clip card holder would be the best option. These are still slimmer than traditional wallets but not quite as compact as most money clips. They do however offer a good compromise and have excellent organizational qualities.

Material and Style
If you’re a fashionista you are going to want something that looks the part. While a money clip isn’t on show as much as a watch or piece of jewelry, it can provide a stylish accent to your outfit. Consider which material suits your personal style and look for something that compliments the accessories you already own. If you’re more concerned with function then do some research into how the money clips perform, read reviews and get user feedback. The best money clip for you isn’t going to be based solely on its appearance. Be aware that not all money clips actually work that well and some even deteriorate with use! There are many on the market that don’t function as they should.

Always the stumbling block! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if price wasn’t an issue and you could buy that solid gold diamond encrusted money clip you’ve seen online? While this isn’t possible for most of us, the good news is that there are many affordable options out there and price doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the money clip will be good. Work out a budget and stick to it. Find the very best money clip that your money will buy. You can actually sort a selection of top-rated money clips by price using this clever chart Like earlier when we discussed the capacity, limiting the amount of money you can spend will also eliminate a number of money clips, meaning that you wont be wasting time looking at ones that you can’t afford to buy.

These tips should put you in a good position and save you time in your search for a top money clip. There are a lot of very average money clips out there. Make sure that you don’t end up purchasing one of them!

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