How To Prepare Your Florida Home Before a Tropical Storm

There is much to think about in preparation for a tropical storm in Florida. A major item on your storm preparedness list should be your home. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to secure your home, prevent damage and keep your family safe.

Stock up on Supplies

Make sure your home is fully stocked with adequate food, water, pet supplies and paper goods. Be prepared for power outages. Having battery-operated flashlights, lanterns or a backup generator can ensure that the lights stay on and your family stays comfortable. Generator installation can be tricky, so if you are considering adding one to your home, find someone who specializes in generator installs Sanford FL.

Photograph Your Home and Belongings

Before the storm, photograph the exterior and interior of your home, including your possessions, for insurance purposes after the storm. Having an accurate inventory of your belongings can help move the insurance claim process along. Keep the photos with you on your phone or a flash drive. Other important documents should all be kept in the same place and should be easily accessible if you are asked to evacuate.

Secure the Exterior

Permanent storm shutters can be installed to protect your windows easily whenever a storm approaches. If permanent storm shutters are not in the budget this storm season, your windows can be secured by covering them with plywood. Remove any debris from your yard, such as discarded palm fronds and branches, and bring patio furniture inside to prevent these items from becoming dangerous projectiles. Garbage carts should also be placed in a secure location. Be sure to clear gutters of all foreign material to maintain proper flow and prevent flooding.

A few simple steps can prevent your home from damage and keep your family and investments safe. The best time to prepare for a storm is before it comes. Begin preparing today and save yourself from the added stress when storms do head your way.

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