How To Prepare for Your Fence Installation

Fencing clearly distinguishes your property from that of your neighbors. It can also provide privacy and security. If you have determined the type of fence you want to install and have chosen your contractor, you are almost ready for the work to start. These are a few things you should do to get ready for your installation.

Clean Up Your Property

To prepare for your wood fence installation in Forest Lake IL, need to clean up your property. First, remove everything out of the way of the line where the fence will go. You probably don’t want to pay for the extra time it will take for your contractor to remove it. In addition, you should move anything that could cause an accident. Your contractor will be carrying wood and other supplies around your land, so clear all the paths that will be used.

Call Your Utility Companies

Before you do any kind of building or digging on your land, you should contact your utility companies. If any of your utilities are disrupted or damaged or someone is injured, you could be looking at heavy fines and repair costs. Avoid these dangers and fees and call your utility companies.

Have Your Land Surveyed

Your fencing contractor may be able to look over your property description and layout your fencing, but these individuals are not surveyors. They can make mistakes. To ensure that you aren’t encroaching on your neighbors and that you aren’t giving away your land, hire a professional to mark your property lines.

Speak With Your Neighbors

Before you do any work on the property line, you should have a discussion with your neighbors. Let them know that you will be doing construction and show them samples of your fence. You never know, they may offer to pay for part of the fence since it will be shared.


It may seem like a lot of work, but if you spend some time preparing, you can speed up the installation process.

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