How to Get Customers for Your Window Cleaning Business?

Window cleaning is an essential service for home owners and businesses alike especially those that are on skyscraping building within the city. Even then this is not a guarantee that you will always find customers for your window cleaning business. As such you need to come up with ways of identifying right buildings and customers requiring window cleaning service. Whether your business is established or you are starting out, these tips will help you get customers.

Develop your brand identity

Brand identity speaks for your company because it gives a first impression of who you are as well as what you are capable of doing. This means that as a window cleaner, you need to invest on branded cleaning equipment, uniform as well as business cards. Remember this is also a good foundation for advertising your window cleaning business therefore ensures that your card is not cluttered but only carries the relevant information.

Be Professional

Having a professional image is another important tip that you need to embrace as a window cleaner. A professional outlook include being neat, having clean working gear, wearing a smile and observing good personal hygiene combined with the right message that is convincing. In addition, you also must have a professional approach to the way you respond to your existing as well as potential customers. Thus, you will do well to leave some contact information that may be your business car or even flyers. Most importantly, endeavor to handle your transactions professionally by providing sensible quotes as well as providing accurate information on your physical address and working hours. Finally, be sure to observe time as being a person of your word is a sign of reliability and can make or break your window cleaning business.

Have a Website

Having an online presence is a great way of getting more customers for your business as a window cleaner. This is because most people have moved from using the yellow pages to searching information on service providers online because of the convenience that comes with it. Moreover, a website lets you sell your services as well as capture testimonials from your previous clients and this goes a long way in boosting your reputation thereby attracting more customers. Despite being affordable, websites also allow you to have blogs with search engine optimized articles that will improve your visibility online, translating to not only impressions but also sales.



Although canvassing as a strategy for attracting more customers to your window cleaning business; it is highly discouraged. That is, you will need to execute your moves in a professional manner without being annoying to customers. An effective way of canvassing will be knocking households and speaking to the owners as opposed to other occupants like gardeners or baby sitters. This is far much better than slipping flyers through the door or window. Furthermore, when you go in person you get to establish a personal touch that helps in building trust and before you know it you will have the job. In summary, while there are many ways of getting customers for your window cleaning business you must always strive to maintain your clientele by being professional, reliable, trustworthy and polite.

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