How to Avoid Dog Bites Claims

If you are a dog owner, you know what a wonderful experience it can be to own a companion who loves you no matter what and who is willing to be by your side forever. Having said that, there are also certain responsibilities that all dog owners share that need to be fulfilled in order to prevent dog bites. If you have been bitten by a dog you might want to contact a Miami accident attorney, but if you are on the other side and are a dog owner here are some steps you can take to prevent your dog from biting others, especially if your dog might naturally be aggressive. Ultimately, it is you who will be held responsible for a dog bite accident unless the victim was trespassing on your property.

1. Keep your dog on a leash or fenced to have bigger control over it. It will depend how well you know your dog and how much you cab trust it. If your dog is naturally more aggressive due to its breed, you will want to be more cautious.

2. Keep your dog well trained so that it knows that biting people is something it shouldn’t be doing. Start the training as early as possible and you should be able to see good results in no time.

3. Supervise your dog especially when it is close to children. Children are especially vulnerable and they might be more likely to play with a dog. Unfortunately for them, not all dogs might want to be played with and this is how dog bites happen.

4. Keep your dog away from any potential triggers and things that can anger it. For example, if your dog become aggressive near other dogs, cats, or other animals, don’t expose it to such situations. Know your dog’s temperament and react to the changing circumstances early to avoid any accidents.

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