Home Renovations That Increase Your Home’s Value

When you start thinking about selling your home, you likely also start thinking about all the work you need to do on it. You could sell your home as-is, but then you’re probably going to have to accept a lower asking price. When choosing which renovations you should focus on, you should focus on those that will see the most return on investment.  Here are some renovations that could increase your home’s value the most. 


Even a small renovation on a bathroom can dramatically change its appearance and feel, which can really pay off. Experts say that you can get as much as 102% of bathroom renovation costs back when you sell your home.

If you have an old, yellowing toilet, consider replacing it with a newer water-efficient model. Replace dated shower doors or remove them to help the bathroom feel more open and spacious. When choosing which kind of paint to use for the walls, you’re always best off going with satin or semi-gloss. A flat or matte finish will not wash well and could easily rub off. 


Many homebuyers have said that they would walk away from putting an offer on a gorgeous home if the kitchen needed a lot of work. While you want to do some upgrades, you don’t necessarily want to go crazy. You don’t need to buy high-end appliances or marble countertops, but you do want to spruce things up. With a kitchen renovation, you could find that you get as much as 98.5% of your costs back in the home’s sale. 

When deciding what to renovate in your home, determine what needs a cosmetic fix versus a complete replacement. If the cabinets are rotting and pulling away from the wall, you might need to replace them. However, if they are solid and in good condition, you could get away with sanding and painting them. Or, you could look for services that provide custom cabinets Milwaukee WI because they will be able to reface the cabinets for you. 


When you think about home renovations, you probably don’t think of the landscaping. However, updating the landscaping helps improve the curb appeal and make your home more inviting for prospective buyers. Homes with overgrown lawns and bushes make buyers think that you didn’t put any work into the care of the home either. 

When working on the yard, cut the grass and trim any overgrown trees or bushes. If you have dead spots of grass, replace them with sod. It’s also helpful to add flowers and other pops of color around the property. You’ll be glad you worked on the yard because you could get as much as 100% of the costs back. 

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