Highlifter XP 1000 Parts

The Polaris RZR XP 1000 blows our minds every time we head out to the dunes.  The vehicle that turned the industry on its head is not only outrageously powerful and built Baja ready, it is equally at home in the dunes, forest and the mud.  With 14 click adjustable shocks, a dash-mounted GPS and a vastly larger, improved cabin, the XP 1000 raised the bar for every other sport model on the market.  Of course, there is always room for improvement and customization, and the aftermarket wasted no time designing extensive product lines for the XP 1000. Highlifter is now of those companies, and the company first got to work on the suspension components detailed below.

The giant 29” tires on the XP 1000 eliminated many of the original RZR’s ground clearance issues, but for rock climbers and other types of driving that

find the driver with that too familiar “ground impact shake” there are suspension components available that help minimize the possibility of ground impact.  High Lifter’s Max Clearance front control arms feature a semi-circular bend that pulls them up further from the ground as much as 2 inches at the middle.  Solid steel rear radius bars use a similar design, and both of these components are available in Polaris Red, Orange or Silver, for a congruent, custom look that matches your vehicle’s stock paint scheme perfectly. Arched a-arms are also available, and the three of these components, when put together, seriously limit any potential ground impact that can ruin your day in the sun.

While raising existing components can prevent damage to the suspension, sometimes the need for added ground clearance is due to larger tires to prevent rubbing, or for activities like mudding where a few inches of extra height can mean the difference between very wet and very dry.  The Highlifter Signature Series 3-5” Lift for the XP 1000 uses a combination of brackets and a modified gusset plate that moves the upper shock mounting points further out from the center of the vehicle, effectively pouching the tires closer to the ground.  The unique design of this lift allows you to easily adjust the amount of lift anywhere between 3 and 5 inches to adjust for your specific requirements. For these and dozens of other high quality Polaris RZR accessories for the XP 1000, visit www.sbsparts.com.

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