Gifts for the Toast Lover in Your Life

In today’s capitalist world, we often find ourselves inundated with the sheer amount of stuff there is available for us to buy. While in theory this is great as it gives us endless options of the things we want to buy, it can make choosing just one specific item very difficult. This decision making becomes even more difficult when it comes to buying things for someone else – birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions become sources of stress and frustration rather than fun as you desperately try to figure out what to buy for that special someone.

So to help you out a bit in your online shopping quests, we have found three things that will together make the perfect present for the toast lover in your life.

Butter Melting Knife

Mankind has been waiting for this to come round since the invention of butter! Everyone knows how frustrating it is to try and spread cold butter on soft bread… because all it does is destroy your bread!

Good thing then that this year we have been graced by an invention that is in principle so simple, but yet such a lifesaver. This knife uses the plain heat in your hand to melt butter as you cut and spread it to make sure that it spreads perfectly. Genius!

Perfect Bread Slicer

So you don’t buy sliced bread because you prefer the whole loaf, but this creates a problem in itself – it is practically impossible to slice a loaf bread into even, eadible slices! The good news is that the perfect bread slicer does exactly that, by guiding you and your bread knife straight down the bread, to the exact thickness you have decided upon. Such a simple idea, but yet so incredibly efficient.

Volkswagen Campervan Toaster

The humble toaster has many forms, but this one that looks like the classic Volkswagen Camper Van is one of the greatest! The trusty VW may have outlived all expectations and enjoy a modern day cult-like following, but it is its versatility that has made it suitable for practically anything; from tents to toasters! Everyone will love using this toaster, from kids to parents and grandparents who remember the swinging sixties and the golden age of the hippie van.

This model is a replica of the split screen camper van. It toasts 2 slices of bread at a time.

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