Everything You Need to Know About Christening Clothes

Christening your child can be one of the most exciting things you experience early in your child’s life. Surrounded by friends, family, and witnesses in the congregation, Christening is an important step in making religion a part of your child’s life. There is a variety of clothing in which you can dress your child for the big day, from casual dress to elaborate gowns. Christening dresses are a happy medium in Christening clothing – not too casual, yet not too dressy.

History of Christening Clothing

In the early days of baptism, babies were generally swaddled in blankets throughout their ceremony. Then in the Victorian era, Christenings became a cause for large celebrations, causing Christening outfits to become more and more elaborate. At the time, the Church demanded children be baptized in white clothing. By the mid 19th century, cotton, lace, and embroidery were popular gown styles, a tradition that still carries on today.

Christening Traditions

Especially in the Roman Catholic Church and in other Orthodox forms of Christianity white, long gowns are the most popular choice for Christening clothes. Christening gowns are long – much longer than the child wearing it – which stems from infants being baptized before they can walk. Shorter dresses are sometimes worn during baptisms, especially among older infants. Christening clothing is typically white because it is a symbol of purity and innocence, and some denominations even demand a white gown. Other churches may allow creams and pastels, if they set rules at all.

Many families choose to gift old Christening gowns, passing them down from generation to generation. These heirloom dresses are typically longer due to the fashion when they were made, and are a large part of the reason Christening clothing is still long.

Christening Dresses

Christening dresses are typically shorter than gowns, though they can still be quite long. Typically, though not always, older infants wear dresses rather than gowns because they are more mobile and less content in long, leg-restricting gowns. Parents sometimes choose a dress because they can be easier for family to deal with after the ceremony, especially for changing or passing the child around between adoring family and friends.

Choosing a Christening Dress

When choosing a Christening dress for your child there are several important factors to keep in mind. One factor is budget. There are options for every budget, but some Christening outfits costs hundreds of dollars and will not do for most families. Know what you are willing to spend before you shop. Another factor is the type of Christening outfit; do you want a traditional long gown? Any colors? Maybe a suit or romper for your boy? Style, color, and fabric vary dress to dress. Also keep in mind any rules your church may have about Christening clothing. Some churches are more traditional and may demand white clothing, while others may be more modern and open to whatever a parent wants their child to wear.

Christening outfits are an important part of your child’s ceremony. There are many options to choose from and many traditions to consider. Whether choosing your family’s heirloom gown or a more modern dress, your child will look so special on its big day.

Author Bio. : Jenna McDress has been working in Christening clothing since she graduated college, specializing in baby girl dresses. Her biggest gift in life is her three children, and she loves being a full-time mom.

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