Endangered Destinations

You might have heard that each year UNESCO publishes a list of endangered places around the world. Since more and more tourists flock to some worldwide destinations, sooner or later those destinations will cease to offer what they used to offer. Here are some endangered destinations you might wish to visit before they disappear:

-Tibet. Known as a quite place where many monks reside, this part of China sees an explosion of fast development. A luxury railway between mainland China and Tibet is expected to endanger this region.

-Galapagos Islands. They are threatened by tourism that can harm many marine species such as sea lions, iguanas, tortoises, and many more. Around 120,000 visitors come to Galapagos Islands each year. They usually bring germs and insects with them that are dangerous to existing species.

-Some places in Florida, such as Everglades National Park. Since more and more people decide to relocate to Florida, its many acres of wilderness disappear very fast.
The list of endangered destinations is a lot longer that I presented in this post. For technical reasons, it would be difficult for me to mention all of them here. If you are interested in finding out what other locations are endangered, you can always check some of the UNESCO reports for more details.

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