Dressing for October

With summer falling behind us day by day, we need to start thinking about autumn. We’re in wardrobe changeover season, and if you miscalculate you could find yourself sweltering in winter clothes you’ve committed to too early in a warm October, or shivering through an early cold snap in September if you’ve put off pulling some insulating winter clothes out of storage. Even in the best case scenario you might your options more limited than you’d like – which could leave you feeling less than confident at work or less able to relax than you want to at the weekend.

Being able to express yourself through your clothing is one of the great pleasures of getting ready, whether it’s for a night out, a job interview or a date: you are able to decide how you’re going to present yourself in a way that’s completely under your control. There’s no reason to relinquish that control as we enter the early months of autumn, so let’s take a look at how to dress to meet any challenge October can face you with.


Use the highlights of your summer and winter wardrobes to create layered outfits that give you plenty of options to face the changeable weather of these difficult days. The current outlook suggests we have a warmer than average October in store, but that’s a trend within which you will still have cool mornings and evenings to content with. Adding a selection of luxury sweaters to your wardrobe to pair with lighter summer clothes gives you options to face the full range of weather you could see in a day, and having a light raincoat ready to go means protection from rain into the bargain without getting overheated.


If this autumn promises to be unseasonably hot, and less conducive to the tights, cable knit sweaters and duffel coats you may have regarded as your standby in previous autumns. That means you’re going to reflect the season through the prism of colour rather materials. Wearing a complimentary array of mustard yellows, and deep russet reds will help you show your best autumnal face to the world and make sure you’re fitting in whether you’re at work or preparing for a hearty autumnal walk in the countryside. You might not be breaking out your heavy coats or thick wool until November at the earliest, but you’re still reflecting the changing of the seasons you see all around you!

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