Don’t Get Blocked Out! How to Organize Your Storage Unit for Easy Access

Imagine that you have a dinner party tonight and your platter and nice China are stored in your self-storage unit. Uh-oh! With dinner hour closing in on you, you need to get to your unit and grab that dinner China quickly. You finally arrive and open your unit only to find that it is a mess inside and you cannot locate what you need. Now, you are faced with a choice – search for the China or serve dinner on paper plates.

This could have been avoided if your storage unit was organized for quick and easy access. The last thing you ever want to have to do is sit there and go through every box just to find what you want. Below, we will provide you with some tips to help you organize your storage unit in Tampa for easy access.

  1. Use the Same Box Size Throughout

Storage is all about stacking items and maximizing the space you have. If you utilize the same size or close to the same size boxes to pack and store ALL your items, you will find that you can better stack and organize your unit.

  1. Know What Items You Will Need

Of course, you need all the items you plan to store but think about the items that you will need soon. For example, since Thanksgiving is nearing us, if you have decorations for Fall and dishes for entertaining during the holidays, keep these items closer to the front.

Some of the most popular items that people store and need to recall within a short timeframe include:

  • Clothes
  • Holiday items
  • Documents/paperwork
  • Kids’ toys
  • Supplies for outdoor activities
  1. Create a Master List of What’s Inside

Take some time to create a master list of what items are inside of a box. This list can then be taped to the outside of the box or placed right on top inside of the box. This way, when you want to grab an item, you can look at the list and determine if the item is in there.

The master list will prevent you from having to dig through multiple boxes to find the items that you want.

In addition to the master list, label the outside of the box as to what is inside. For example, kitchen appliances or kitchen utensils, or simply kitchen and then rely on the master list.

  1. Create a Map of Your Storage Unit

It may sound silly at first but do it. Once you have your items stored, create a map of where everything is within your unit. This way, you can recall where items are when you need them, and you do not have to read the labels on every box.

Know Where Everything is Once and for All

The above tips can help you keep your self-storage unit organized and will allow for easy access to your items. The more time you take to organize now, the less time you will have to spend hunting down your items when you need them.

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