Discover the uniqueness and magic of a wedding in an Italian castle

Ever dreamt of a fairy tale wedding in a castle with your knight in shining armor on a white horse waiting to sweep you off your feet? could make that dream of yours come true. The site is known for arranging thousands of memorable weddings in Italy for more than a decade for couples around the world. You can choose your own destination within Italy and with your chosen package, the team will create a unique occasion to remember. Italy is fortunate enough to have the most beautiful and enchanting castles in different locations with some overlooking the sea or on top a hill while others with orchards, vineyards  and scenic greeneries behind. Some of favorite castles where many have been enchanted and saw their dreams come true are The Castle of Duino, palace castle in Chianti, Castello di Oliveto, Castle Modanella, The castle Vincigliata in Fiesole, Castle in the Collio, Castle Orchard in Chianti. These castles are in located in and around places like Friuli, Lombardy, Tuscany, Piedmont, Rome and Lazio. The castles are ancient treasures that takes you back to centuries of history and being a part to relive them will certainly be a wonderful experience. The castle Vincigliata in Fiesole offers great views if you like a setting with picturesque outdoors. It overlooks the city of Florence along with the scenic Florentine hills. On the contrary, Castle Casanova in the hills of Collio Cormons is a gem hidden among the enchanting vineyards of Friuli.

Many couples celebrating their weddings in Italy have found their perfect setting in these castles and the team coordinates the theme and arrangements accordingly. They make sure the guests enjoy the occasion as much as the couple does. All the arrangements and elements required by the couples are methodically reviewed with all the minute details covered. The ultimate goal of is to create a day that will always be cherished.

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