Different things which you can buy from vending machine

Need of vending machine

The costs that you will be required to meet in obtaining or setting up a Vending Machine can be very daunting that as a first time entrepreneur, you might get discouraged. However, you need to remain focused on your decision to obtain the vending products. You are lucky enough to have a first hand experience with the mobile retail shops that are readily available and flexible. Connecting with you for these products is such an easy task. Great products in vending are available for you today.


The List of different things provided by vending machine

  1. Shoes from Rolla Sole
  2. A Bouquet From 24-Hour Florist
  3. Prescription Drugs From MedBox Vending Machines
  4. Tiny Works of Art From Art-o-Mat
  5. Gold Bars From Gold to Go ATM
  6. Flower Seeds From Greenaid’s Seedbomb Vending Machines
  7. Beach Supplies From Sandbox’s Beach Shop in a Box

1.      Shoes From RollaSole

One day when your heels get aching throughout the night, make sure that you use the RollaSole. You will not regret. What you are needed to do is to get $20 pairs of ballet flats, roll them up to fit in your purse then come with a bag where to store your stilettos. These types of shoes are readily available in vending machine around vanity night club, at Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas. As the US companies plan to supply several vending machines, it means that more RollaSole will be available for you in the market.

2.      Tiny Works of Art From Art-o-Mat

Artist Clark Whittington’s work of transforming retired cigar machines so that he dispenses pocket-size artwork has remained exceedingly encouraging since 1997.Several projects now run with about 400 artists working on these awesome artifacts which range from small clay sculptures, paintings and jewelry. When you are in need of art work machines, they are available in several US points like museums, galleries, grocery stores, libraries and art galleries.

3.      A Bouquet From 24-Hour Florist

 You can obtain a gift complete with vases and cards at retail points where you can easily access them. They are available at points like hospitals, airports and malls. These retail shops have been available since 2006 and are currently about a dozen throughout the US. Automated retail shops at Raleigh, N.C.-based 24-Hour Florist have been arranged with stocks that fit your needs.

 4.      Prescription Drugs From MedBox Vending Machines

 You will come to realize that Medbox is added to the Prescription medication in a vending machines. Security measures such as fingerprint samples are easily taken care of by this device and as a result, once you obtain it you are assured of the best results in pharmacies, living facilities, clinics and doctor’s offices. You will manage your employees easily in possession of sensitive drugs.

5.      Gold Bars From Gold to Go ATM

Nowadays, most of you are getting more and more interested in buying gold bars from vending Machines. It started in 2010 as a gold-plated ATM in the lobby of the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi. Today, we talk of 20 machines in Las Vegas, New York city and several others in European cities.

6.      Beach Supplies From Sandbox’s Beach Shop in a Box

This is a retail shop run by a couple, Greg and Lauren whose major aim is to ease the locals and tourist’s visits by renting to them things like umbrellas, coolers and chairs. If you follow keenly, you will find that the couple first introduced the Beach shop in a box which supplies smaller items like goggles, towels, water toys and sunscreen.

7.      Flower Seeds

Every person who wants these, will obtained them from Greenaid’s Seedbomb Vending Machines. Flower seeds are a mixture of clay, seeds and compost. The company responsible for its creation is based in Culver City to help transform “forgotten grey spaces” in the vacant lots and the parking centers into greener areas.

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