Designer Maternity Deals

Are you pregnant, love designer clothing and on a budget? It may seem daunting to try and make those three work together. Well it is, unless you know where to shop that is. Three words… used maternity clothes. Yes, second hand clothing. It may not be every woman’s ideal scenario, but buying used maternity clothing over new will open up many more options than buying new. For example, before we even discuss the obvious price point, consider the fact that a resale maternity shop will have a larger selection than what you can find new. Since the fashions go back a few years, you will have quite a few more different styles to choose from than if you just shopped the current brand’s offering. Speaking of brands, you will also be able to shop clothing from multiple designers instead of 1 or 2 at a time. So you will save time shopping in one place. Ok, so let’s get to the best part. SAVING MONEY! Designer maternity clothes are not cheap, the same as regular women’s designer clothing. However, buying used designer maternity clothes can save you big time. Belly Go Round, an online maternity resale store, has a great selection of used maternity clothes, including designer brands. For example, you can purchase an Ann Taylor Loft dress that retails new for $120, for only $20. They also carry new designer maternity at deep discounts. Paige Maternity jeans that are sold elsewhere online for $200 are found at Belly Go Round for just $89. They carry many designer brands like Paige, A Pea in the Pod, Gap, Mimi, Japanese Weekend, Olian and more! So if you want to dress in the best for less while pregnant, you should definitely give preowned designer maternity clothes a look.

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