Dance Shoes that Fits:The The Basics in Choosing Pointe Shoes Phoenix Arizona

Most people choose shoes based solely on aesthetics and with very little regard for how their feet are actually structured. Just because prominent celebrities are wearing trendy shoe styles, most people disregard comfort for fashion, and choose shoes highly inappropriate for their foot shape. When it comes to Dance Shoes Chandler Arizona, though, comfort cannot take a backseat. Every ballerina, while looking for a pair of aesthetically pleasant Pointe Shoes Phoenix Arizona, must always prioritize comfort. This is because the wrong type of pointe shoes can lead to a flawed performance, if not an injury in the long run.

There are primarily four types of foot shapes to consider when choosing pointe shoes Phoenix Arizona. To identify which foot shape you have, you will have to consider the length of your toes. This should affect the size of the tip of your ballet shoes and the length of the shoe itself.


Egyptian feet tend to have long toes, but with a prominently longer big toe, and the rest of the toes sloping gradually to a small pinky. Ballet dancers with Egyptian feet tend to put a lot of pressure on the big toe, which is why it’s necessary for them to have their pointe shoes Phoenix Arizona customized, usually to a U-shaped tip. Doctors also recommend adding a special felt padding on the spot where the big toe’s ball joint touches to lessen the pressure. Dancers should also find out if they have a high or a low arch, because this will affect the length of the shoes’ shank. High arched feet need longer shanks to help dancers create a more fluid and natural movement while dancing.


When choosing dance shoes Chandler Arizona for Grecian feet, dancers must consider the length of the second toe. This is because Grecian feet have longer second toes compared to big toes, creating a variably more pointed appearance at the tip compared to other foot types. Most ballerinas with Grecian feet find customized ballet shoes with wider boxes more comfortable because they’re more stable on it while on Pointe. The length of the shank will depentd on the foot’s arch.


Peasant feet are pretty common, and this foot type is identified when the big toe is pretty much the same length as all the other toes. While ballerinas may find it hard to look for good street shoes with this foot type, dancers with peasant feet enjoy more stability on releve and while they are on pointe. Pointy shoes can crush peasant feet so this should be avoided at all costs. Any squared tip pointe shoes would be perfect for this foot type.


The Simian foot type is the most prone to bunions because the big toe tends to be more widely set apart from the rest of the toes. It is important to have your pointe shoes custom-fitted when you have simian feet . Wearing a padding in between the big toe and second toe (where a big gap usually occurs) also helps.

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