Custom Zippers and Zippers by the Yard

There are so many things that use zippers, we tend to forget about them until they stop working. Like everything, they can get worn out and stop working properly. That’s when they get noticed, and they’re kind of notorious for breaking when it’s the most inconvenient. When they’re working properly, they are forgotten, but when they break, they are a real pain.

Whether it’s on a piece of clothing or one of the many other things that use zippers, when it comes time to get a zipper replaced go to They have a wide selection of zippers and other sewing supplies. They can make adjustments to zippers in stock, or they can also make fully custom zippers in batches of 100.

They also stock zippers in a wide variety of styles and closure types, including zippers by the yard. When you buy zipper chain by the yard, you can make the zippers whatever length you need. This can often be important for industrial and outdoor uses.

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