Crazy Shirt Shopping Made Easier

Online shopping has gotten easier and easier over the years and recently La La Land Shirts redesigned their website to make it even easier for you to purchase crazy shirts from them.  Of course La La Land Shirts is a Crazy Shirt Company and you can find funny shirts, party shirts, and even Hillary Clinton for President shirts.  But, the point here is that the website has been redesigned to make it easier for you to shop in their store.  Since La La Land Shirts uses CafePress to print and ship their clothes their site would send you to another place in order to pick your shirt and go through the checkout process.

La La Land Shirts Focus On Crazy Shirts And Not Web Design.

Since the site has been redesigned and the user no longer has to worry about being transferred between websites the owners and designers at La La Land Shirts no longer have to worry about their users being distracted by changing sites.  Now they can focus on making new funny shirts each week and continue to do other types of promotion such as making cool videos or partnering up with a Hillary Clinton website to design shirts for them and try to get her to run for president in 2016.

Don’t Forget The Blog

Another great part of the new website is the amazing blog that showcases their new shirts and keeps all of their fans up to date.  Now there can be more content added to the website and questions can be asked of their fans, such as what type of designs would you like to see and they can use the blog to receive feedback, both good and bad on all of their designs.  This will be exciting for the designers as they can usually on get feedback on Facebook, but now it they can try out new designs on the blog and receive feedback from user comments.

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