Components of a Workplace Fire Safety Plan

Workplace safety is a key concern of any business, and there are many things put into place that keep both building occupants and visitors safe from the dangers of fires, floods or other hazards. A fire in the workplace can cause a severe business interruption but it can also lead to serious injury or even death. Though buildings are generally outfitted with sprinklers and fed through standpipe systems installation St Petersburg FL company performed, you can help keep your employees safe with these tips.

Devise an Evacuation Plan

Your company should have a strategy for safely and efficiently leaving the building in the event of an emergency. There are requirements by OSHA for handling evaluations, and your office should be in complete compliance with a plan for both employees and anyone on the premises during an emergency. Your plan should be clearly communicated and posted in main walkways or near exits to assist in the process.

Perform Safety Evaluations

You should have all of the safety equipment, such as sprinklers, fire extinguishers and alarms, tested several times a year. If equipment if found faulty or out of date, it should be replaced immediately. Make sure all safety equipment is easily accessible, but also make sure your employees are trained on how to operate things like a fire extinguisher.

Conduct Drills

Just like in grade school, conduct fire drills or evacuations to test your emergency preparedness and response. Let employees know when a drill is scheduled but do not give away the exact time. Practice drills help employees become more confident in how to respond and where to go. Make sure the drills and any feedback is taken seriously.

Fires are a clear danger in any situation, but having to clear out a commercial building in a hurry is complicated and fraught with risk. Implement a strong fire safety plan and thoroughly train your people to ensure that no one is left unprepared when an emergency happens.

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