Common Reasons For a Broken Door Lock

There are several possible reasons for a broken door lock. Here are a few of them: Misaligned deadbolts and latches, Loose or damaged set screws, and getting your key stuck inside the locking mechanism. These are only a few possible causes, but you can avoid many of them by following these simple tips. If you notice any of these problems in your lock, you can contact a locksmith immediately.

Misaligned deadbolts and latches

If you’re experiencing trouble unlocking your door, you may have misaligned deadbolts and latch parts. The problem may be caused by improper installation, warped door frames, or aging. Either way, you’re left with a door that can’t be opened or closed properly. It’s essential to get your door fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk leaving your home or office vulnerable to theft.

If you can’t get the deadbolt to line up correctly, you can try to chisel the mortise to make room for a new strike plate. If this doesn’t work, try replacing the strike plate or replacing the deadbolt with experts from a car key replacement services Orlando. If none of these solutions fix your door lock problem, you may be able to fix the problem yourself with a bit of wood putty and a hammer.

Loosened or damaged set screws

Typically, a broken door lock can be solved by loosening or replacing one of the set screws. You will need an Allen Key to remove the screw. A flathead screwdriver will spin the shaft and push down on the detent pin to release the handle. When this has been unsuccessful, you will need to reinstall the door handle using the same method as above.

If you notice that the door lock cylinder rotates, it is most likely due to loose or damaged set screws. While this may seem like a simple fix, it depends on your tools and knowledge. Loosened or damaged set screws usually affect the function of the lock cylinder. Sometimes, you may be able to tighten or replace the screws yourself. It is recommended to check the set screws on the back of the door before attempting to replace them.

Misaligned strike plates

A misaligned strike plate is one of the most common reasons for a broken door lock. This issue is easy to identify. This problem occurs when the strike and latch plates do not line up correctly. The result is that the door won’t close properly or can be easily opened. If you have this problem, realign the strike plates. They will then line up correctly.

The door latch may also be misaligned, causing the door not to latch properly. This can happen when the door frame changes and the latch migrates out of alignment. A locksmith can fix the issue by repositioning the strike plate. Alternatively, the locksmith may replace the lock with a new one. However, be aware that this issue may cause damage to the door.

Getting your key stuck inside the locking mechanism

Fortunately, getting your key stuck inside the locking mechanism is relatively easy to solve. If you have broken a key, you can use a key extractor kit, an inexpensive and handy device that you can purchase for under $10. The key may be stuck for many reasons, including a loose lock assembly or a sharp key edge.

You can try to extract your key from the jammed lock if you have a handy multi-magnetic hand tool and powdered graphite. You can also try using kerosene if the lock is rusted. A temperature issue can also be addressed by warming up your house. Afterward, you can go ahead and call a locksmith.

Malfunctioning deadbolts

Several factors can cause a deadbolt to malfunction, including wear and tear. A deadbolt’s expiration date may have passed, and it may no longer function properly. It may be corroded, or build-up material has gotten into the mechanism. A professional can inspect and repair a deadbolt to fix the problem. Follow the steps below to repair a deadbolt.

A broken door lock may also be caused by a deadbolt that is out of alignment with the strike plate on the door. If the bolt is out of alignment more than one-eighth of an inch, you can use a metal file to realign it. A deadbolt can also become stuck or dislodged if it is not aligned correctly. If you suspect a deadbolt is the cause of a broken door lock, it is vital to fix it as soon as possible.

Misaligned deadbolts

If your deadbolt doesn’t line up with your strike plate, there’s a chance that your door may be misaligned. When this occurs, you can check the deadbolt and door to find out where the problem is. Sometimes, the issue can be as simple as your home’s foundation. It’s also possible for the door to be out of alignment with the frame due to subtle movements. In these cases, the deadbolt may need to be realigned.

You may need to chisel or replace the strike plate to align the door. Sometimes, a deadbolt may not line up correctly with the strike plate because the door frame has moved. If this happens, you can try to adjust the strike plate or adjust the deadbolt. However, if this still doesn’t work, you might need to replace the deadbolt altogether.

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