Common Commercial Air Conditioning Problems

If you are looking for commercial air conditioning Minneapolis professionals, then you might be having problems with your AC unit. In the dead of summer, the heat can be overwhelming. When this is combined with the humidity that pours into the region from the Great Lakes region, you cannot go without your air conditioning unit for very long. This is where trained professionals can help. There are a few common issues that people face with their air conditioning unit during the summer.

Clogged Air Filters Are a Common Issue

One of the most common reasons why the AC unit might not be working well is that the filters are clogged. The air conditioner has filters that are designed to catch dust and debris that would otherwise float through the air. Over time, these filters can become clogged by all of this debris. This forces the air conditioner to work harder to pull air through these filters before it can be cooled. If the electricity bill is rising, it might be because the air conditioner has to work harder to filter the air that enters the system. The filters might need to be changed.

The Refrigerant in the AC Unit Might Be Low

If the air conditioner is spitting out warm air, the issue might be related to the refrigerant. The refrigerant is supposed to take air from the room, force it through the cooling system, and return it to the room at a much colder temperature. The refrigerant is responsible for pulling the heat out of the air before the air conditioner returns it to the room. If the refrigerant is too low, then the air conditioner will not be able to do this. The AC refrigerant levels have to be checked on a regular basis.

Invest in Routine Maintenance for Your Air Conditioning Unit

There is a common theme when it comes to commercial air conditioning services. Many companies do not invest in routine maintenance for their AC unit. They simply do not take care of their commercial units because it belongs to the company instead of to them. There is not the same level of commitment. The reality is that many of these issues can be avoided if you get your air conditioning unit maintained on time. The goal of routine maintenance is to help avoid these issues listed above. This can save people time, money, and stress.

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