Choosing Scrubs For Work

If you work in a medical environment, such as a hospital or a doctor’s office, then you probably have to wear scrubs of some kind. Some locations might want everyone to wear the same color each day while some don’t mind what design you have as long as it looks professional. If you work with children, then you might be able to wear something that has a fun design, such as cartoon characters or circus animals.

There are a few things that you should think about when choosing the scrubs that you wear to work. You can find cheap scrubs that are of the same material and quality as those that are expensive. One of the things to pay attention to is how thick or thin the material is as some of the cheaper ones are thinner, which could allow fluids to seep through.

You will find basic scrubs that are a little more comfortable and have more space to move around. There are also trendy scrubs that are form-fitting and a bit more stylish, but they often cling to the body in a way that isn’t comfortable in all settings. These would be ideal if you only work in an office and don’t have to deal with a lot of patient activity. A basic tunic design is one that features a longer shirt that covers the pants. It doesn’t fit as tightly around the waist as a scrub shirt that has a fashionable design.

The neck design of the scrub is also something to consider. There are various shapes, such as v-necks and round designs. Most offices don’t mind what kind of shirt you have as long as you are comfortable in the working environment. In the winter, you might find that a v-neck works better with a long-sleeve shirt underneath. Look at the pockets on the shirts as well. Some only have pockets near the waist while others have a pocket on the chest as well. This will allow you to keep a pen, small light and notebook handy while keeping other items in the waist pockets that aren’t needed as often.

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