Buying prom dresses online

It’s important to be safe when shopping online but even more so when buying prom dresses, more and more young girls are buying their prom dresses online, when buying your prom dress it’s important you get what you are paying for, designer dresses from the likes of Sherri Hill are prone to counterfeiters who are looking to take advantage of the increase in online transactions and the profit that can be made on these expensive products. In this post we will lay out the basics for shopping online safely when buying your prom dress.

The first tip would be to search using a respectable search engine such as Google, the reason for this is that Google has been taking steps to remove any websites found to be selling counterfeit products. Once you find a website that stocks the products you are looking to buy its important to look for certain things on the website to confirm it’s a genuine supplier, also look to see if the website has it’s contact details displayed, prom dress shops that list their address are more likely to be genuine! Take a look at what country the shop is located in, websites that operate in countries like China and Japan are more likely to provide counterfeit or fake products.

Also take a look at the product images the website are displaying, normally these images are provided by the prom dress suppliers and will contain the prom dress shops domain name as a watermark.

Many prom dress suppliers such as Sherri Hill run a authenticity programme this ensures that when you buy a Sherri Hill Dresses from a authorized website you can be sure it’s going to be authentic. They do this by displaying an image on the dress shops website that you can click, this will then take you to the suppliers website to let you know if this is a genuine website. You can also go to their website and use their authenticity checker by simply entering the domain name you want to buy your dress from and you will get an instant answer to weather or not it’s safe to go ahead with your purchase.

The last thing to check for is that the company you want to buy from is active on social media, this is a great way to see if any other customers have had problems with this company in the past as they will usually post on their facebook page. On the same point you can also check the company reviews on sites like trustpilot these are independent review sites which will help you make your decision before buying.

If you are unsure about buying online then do it the old fashion way and visit the store, these are expensive products and its always better to see what you are buying and this also gives you the opportunity to try the dress on!

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